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Our services

3D visualization-01 3D visualizatio-02

3D visualization

  • Room modelling in accordance to the drawings
  • Furniture modelling in accordance to photos
  • Creating beautiful materials and light
  • Rendering and post processing

To begin work we will create a specification, based on the materials you have

Project managers, designers and architects, that already have drawings and material, furniture, light fixture selections order 3D visualization to present their interior, or exterior design projects to investors or developers.

Interior design concept-01 Interior design concept-02

Interior design concept

  • Style and color palette selection
  • Furniture selection
  • Room design
  • Rendering and post processing

To begin work general idea and floor plan will be enough

Developers and sales managers order interior design concept for commercial interiors , when it needs to be approved by the general manager, or provided to the advertising department for web site or poster production.

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Our features


We know that 1 realistic picture is worth of 1000 of words, that's why we produce realistic 3d rendering of interior design, because even the very best imagination can't see all the details together only from drawings, furniture and material selections.

We understand that the 3d rendering should represent the interior design project as precise as it's possible. That's why we create custom 3d models of all the needed items like furniture or lighting fixtures, even if you have only 1-2 pictures of them.

working process
The working process

We believe that every client wants to be heard and understood, that's why we make interior design project is a 2 side collaboration, we ask tons of questions and need lots of information.

We know that lack of communication leads to misunderstandings and uncertainties during the workflow. That's why we stay in touch and offer different solutions to resolving any issues tat can arise.

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Home to Win

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Technically challenging projects

We understand that creating a specific mood for the interior, like scary morgue or crime scene is important for special projects, like escape rooms. That's why we use 3d rendering techniques to recreate the specific sensations for the viewers.

We believe that our client deserve to get best solutions for their ambitious projects. We specialized in creating interior with the interchangeable furniture, while being able to keep the realisticness by layering the shadows of the objects, so the objects dont't look like they are cut and pasted.

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What clients say

Anna Matskovska
Anna Matskovska Bakery owner Thank you for hearing and collecting all our ideas and needs and implementing them into reality. Than you for creating the project within so tight deadline. And we're grateful for your work and professionalism!. Wishing you having more interesting projects and you're always welcome at our bakery!
Pierre Theron
Pierre Theron Home owner We hired Kucheriavi to help design our house. The project was particularly complicated as it involved restoring a 150-year-old wooden house and building a new part of the house adjacent to it. Kucheriavi created detailed visualizations of the interior and exterior and helped with the detailed technical design of certain areas. Despite working remotely, Kucheriavi Studio was committed throughout the project. Their digital visualizations proved to be a useful, practical tool for contractors following the designs, and the planned sections required no rework. The final outcome was near-perfect to the original vision.
Andriy Yarish
Andriy Yarish Senior Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems Kucheriavi studio and particularly Halina and Yaroslav made a full design for my lovely flat. It was a great pleasure to work with them, they are able to manage project asking a bunch of right question on each stage to understand what do you want and need even if you don't know it yourself ) They are client-oriented, attentive to details and flexible on any stage of the project, always propose you different alternative options for the solutions that you can choose from. Also, I would emphasize that the price is very reasonable for such a high-quality design.
Ruslan Senyo
Ruslan Senyo Founder & CEO – THE CODER Kucheriavi Studio has been working on 3D Architecture and rendering of premises for our project. There was a really strict deadline and it was in priority to follow it.
But Halyna and Yaroslav were far ahead of our expectations by making a really high-quality project during such an impossible deadline.
We are very thankful that this incredible team wasn’t afraid to take responsibility for realizing such a hard task and working really conscientiously.
We recommend Kucheravi Studio and are sure that there would be no client disappointed
Evan Jones
Evan Jones Creative Director/Producer at Stitch Media Halina and I collaborated on an ambitious project - to design seven different looks in 3D so that users could 'Design their Dream Home'. Each room was filled with sponsored objects which Halina's team matched in 3D using only reference photographs. It was a complex and unprecedented project that resulted in 30,000 combinations for the end user. Throughout the entire process Halina was confident and communicative, constantly finding solutions to our design challenges. In the end, we were ecstatic with the results - every one of the designs looks like a magazine cover for interior design!

About us

Halina Kucheriava

Interior designer, 3D visualizer, project manager. I’m responsible for setting beautiful lighting, materials and points of view, and also for communication with clients.I do my best to make every client satisfied with our work.

Yaroslav Kucheryaviy

Architect, 3D modeler.I’m responsible for the quality of architecture, furniture, décor and all other modelling. I pay a lot of attention to details and don't finish the project until it's perfect in all details.

What do we offer?

Whether you want to create a new design for your home, get 3D visualization to have a better understanding of an architectural project, or need an outsourcing company to delegate rendering tasks, 3D interior renders is ready to help you. We are always eager to provide high-quality, realistic visualization to show the look of a future project and allow our customers to imagine themselves in a particular interior. Yet the range of our services is much broader than that. We also offer 3D architectural visualization for engineering and constructing firms as well as any other customers that need 3D models. 3D interior renders is one of the interior design companies which apply a customized approach to every project, always opt for professional rendering solutions, and do everything to be proud of their projects. In the modern fast-developing world which every day offers us tons of information, in many cases, the best way to convince people is to show them the look of the product. We use different visualization and rendering techniques both for our native and outsourcing projects.

Interior visualization

Interior visualization

We can model a room based on the provided drawings or visualize furniture. 3D interior renders ensures that 3D models look appealing, have beautiful light, and are highly realistic. Interior visualization is a great option for customers who have all preparatory drawings and want to showcase their ideas.

Exterior visualization

Exterior visualization

We offer exterior visualization for homeowners, builders, architects, real estate companies, and other professionals. Our portfolio includes visualization of private and commercial buildings created with the help of cutting-edge technologies. This is an excellent solution for people who want to 3D model their house before is it built or architectural firms that look for outsourcing options.

Interior design concepts

Interior design concepts

We know that sometimes an initial design concept can be extremely important. If you want to get a general understanding of the future interior or present the look of an item in the overall design, this solution is just what you need.

Panoramic render 360

Panoramic render 360

Keeping up with the times, we offer extremely popular panoramic rendering. Such projects create the feeling of VR taking the viewers into existing rooms and making the design extremely vivid. Panoramic renders help to create exciting content that, for example, will help to attract visitors to your hotel or convince investors to sign a contract.

Why us?

In our work, we rely on several factors that ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. They form our principles and determine our attitude to the design and architectural services we provide. Here are our key advantages:

Profound expertise. 3D interior renders has profound expertise in creating interior and exterior designs based on the demands and tastes of our customers. We always try to analyze your needs to offer the most relevant and appealing solutions. The professionals working in our interior design studio respect your preferences and at the same time are ready to advise and assist with the choice of the optimum solution relying on their substantial experience.

Continuous development. 3D interior renders continuously perfects itself and readily masters new technologies to provide the most advanced solutions to our customers. For instance, we offer panoramic render as an improved and more realistic version of 3D visualization. Just tell us about your needs and expectations, and we will immediately find the most suitable option for your case.

Customized approach. Our architectural design company believes that every design solution must be absolutely unique and tailored to the needs of a specific customer. The place where you spend your time greatly influences your quality of life and well-being, and we really care about how you feel. 3D interior renders communicates with every customer to understand their needs, preferences, expectations, and character.

Reasonable prices. Our design studio respects its customers and wants to be fair to them. Therefore, we are always transparent and open in our actions. We strive to make balanced and optimum proposals to turn any cooperation into a win-win story.

Outsourcing options. We understand that sometimes design or architectural companies may need assistance with 3D visualization. Our company provides outsourcing services for such cases and has experience with this type of partnership. 3D interior renders believes that good partner relationships are key to success and only mutually-beneficial cooperation generates maximum results.